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How startup founders can make the most of online education

Lydia Nicoll

Being an entrepreneur is hard. Most days, it doesn't seem like there's enough hours to complete all the tasks on your infinite to-do list. But starting your own company, developing your brand into refined concepts with quality products or services, and managing scalable growth is one of the most rewarding adventures you'll ever embark on. However, there's an important part of being a startup founder that can be overlooked or underestimated: continual learning.

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Creating content for content’s sake is not a good idea

Lydia Nicoll

We see this time and time again: startups and well-established companies alike who produce and create a large amount of content, but have no clear, discernible strategy. While some argue that creating content just for content’s sake will still have a positive effect for you, we just simply don’t agree. Without strategy behind your content, you could be better off not producing content at all. And here’s why:

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Topics: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Inbound4Startups

Why startups absolutely need to document guidelines and strategies

Lydia Nicoll

When a great idea is coming to fruition and startups are being born and developed at lightning speed, an important step in building the foundation of a business can be missed. A common problem many startups face is a lack of consistent identity or a fully developed business and marketing strategy. Why is this? When it’s all systems go, and you’re building your website, or platform, or product, taking time to think about and document strategies seems less important. That’s a mistake. And here’s why:

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Process Documentation, Inbound4Startups

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