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We are specialized in web design, web development and technical support for the HubSpot CMS.

HubSpot CMS
web development

You already have a developed marketing strategy and your designer has completed a template (in Photoshop, Axure, Sketch Invisio or similar) for your new website to be built in HubSpot. Or your WordPress, Joomla, Typo3 website is to be migrated to HubSpot.

Here we come into play and realize your project. For this we build HubSpot templates and modules, in accordance with your goals, as well as inbound and usability best practice. 

HubSpot CMS Web design & development

You are at the beginning of a new website project to be realized in HubSpot CMS and need a powerful agency to take care of everything.

With us you have a partner at your side. Together we define your goals and create buyer personas, strategy and wireframes for a functioning and interactive website, which we develop according to the Growth-Driven Design principle.

HubSpot CMS

You have a website, a blog on HubSpot CMS, or are already using HubSpot as a marketing and sales platform and need help with customizations, improvements and advancements.

These tasks can be for example: Solving distance problems, developing a slider, customizing a marketplace template, or setting up a conversion path (CTA, Landing Page, Thank You Page, Follow-up Email)...

We do such work for you and because we work with HubSpot every day, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge.

Why HubSpot CMS?

Support and promote the growth of your business

Today's customers expect a personalized experience. For example, we see it in everyday life with Google's tailor-made search results. But when we go to a corporate website, it often feels impersonal. Why?

To really create the great experiences visitors crave, you need all the data you have at your disposal. That's why HubSpot CMS is the first and only CMS that combines the power of website creation with a CRM to customize each individual's experience.

Core functionalities and features of HubSpot CMS


HubSpot CMS


  • Website, Blog, and LP creation
  • Smart Content
  • SEO Tools
  • Design Manager & Marketplace
  • File Manager
  • Domain Manager
  • Web Analytics Reporting
  • Distraction-free blog editor
  • Schedule blog posts
  • Publish to social media
  • Mobile optimized
  • SEO optimizer
  • CTA creation
  • Content collaboration
  • Content calendar
  • AMP support

HubSpot: Made to convert
Brandsensations: Here to help


Web design

We will design a website that fits your branding, your strategy, your buyer personae, and that will help you achieve your goals.

Your website will be intuitive to use, technically flawless, contain clear elements and a simple, understandable navigation.



We easily migrate your external website and data to HubSpot.

When you book HubSpot CMS, HubSpot will migrate your existing website - as it is, to a certain extent - free of charge. We will then take over the creation of additional or non-existing pages and optimize them.


Hubl Customized Modules

Whether your need Hero Banner,  Slider, Testimonial, Accordion, Tab, Pop-up...

We develop easy-to-use templates and modules for you that you can use again and again without any further development assistance. 




We integrate existing software or applications (such as Shopify, GoToWebinar, Salesforce, etc.) with HubSpot.

So you can continue working with these tools, and the collected data flows seamlessly into HubSpot for lead enrichment and qualification.


Landing Pages 

Landing pages form the heart of conversion in inbound marketing, where the leads are generated.

Their design and functionality play a decisive role.

We build landing pages according to best practice, or optimize existing templates that ensure a higher conversion rate.



Your blog is at the focus of your content marketing strategy, so it's important to give it the framework it needs to help your website visitors stay longer and return.

We design an effective and  appealing blog template that takes your readers to the next step in your strategy, such as subscribing to your blog, or clicking on the call to action.


Pillar Pages

SEO has changed a lot in the last months. Pillar Pages are a good opportunity to rank not only for keywords but for whole topics.

They have therefore become indispensable on an inbound marketing website. 

Whether as a landing page, a blog or a web page, we create a user-friendly template which you can use with your content strategy.



Email is successfully used in both inbound marketing workflows and email marketing campaigns.

We design email templates that stay in shape, even on small screens. And whether it's about  inbound sales emails, newsletter templates or follow-up emails, they not only have to find their way to the recipient after the form submission, but should primarily be opened and clicked.

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