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3 reasons why HubSpot is not sending your marketing emails

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3 reasons why HubSpot is not sending your marketing emails
3 Gründe, warum HubSpot Ihre Marketing E‑Mails nicht versendet

Jessica is desperate. She is a marketing manager in a medium-sized company and wanted to send an email to a segmented contact list, and HubSpot shows that only 94 of her 435 contacts would receive this email.
HubSpot also shows her the reason: these contacts are not marked as marketing contacts.


It can be fixed quickly. But after sending it, she realizes that the email has not been sent to 237 contacts. What happened?

It happens again and again that marketing emails cannot be sent for these 3 reasons:


Reason 1: Marketing contact status is missing

Your contacts are not classified or marked as marketing contacts. HubSpot will also point out if non-marketing contacts are included in the list you want to send the email to, for example. Now you're probably thinking, it's logical, sometimes it's just small details that are missing.

To classify the desired contacts as marketing contacts, go to CRM -> Contacts. By selecting the contacts on the left, several selection options appear at the top of the bar next to the search, under "More" you will find the corresponding assignment.




More Info about Marketing Contacts management in the HubSpot Knowledge Base.


Reason 2: There is no double opt-in

Like many companies, you would like to use HubSpot in compliance with the GDPR and have therefore activated data protection in the HubSpot settings.

With this activation, a double opt-in can be required for sending marketing emails, if activated under Settings/Marketing/Email. When a new contact comes in via a form in your CRM and double opt-in is activated, HubSpot automatically sends an email to confirm the email address first. If the contact does not confirm their email address by clicking on the link, they cannot receive a marketing email.

However, similar to the marketing contact setting, you can also do this yourself in the same way as described under reason 1. Please note, however, that this is not necessarily permitted under the GDPR (e.g. if you are not sure that the contact sent the form themselves).


NOTE: It is not possible to update the double opt-in status via workflow.


Reason 3: The contact doesn't have the right email subscription type

The sending of marketing emails is linked to the subscription type. This allows you to send certain emails, such as newsletters, only to contacts who have subscribed to your newsletter.

The selection field, Subscription type, can be found in the marketing emails under Settings.

Subscriptions can also be updated for contacts as described above, but of course only if they have not unsubscribed from the list themselves.


More information about managing your contacts' subscriptions in the HubSpot Knowledge Base.


I hope I have been able to help you with your issue. If you have any further problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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