There are two sides to every story


Inbound4Startups is a collaboration between Brandsensations and Natively


Bringing together Brandsensations founder François Benner, with Natively founder Lydia Nicoll, we've created the partnership initiative that is Inbound4Startups.

Originally from France, François moved to Germany just after graduation. Ever since, he has lived near Dusseldorf but is often on the road visiting his clients spread over Europe, or attending international conferences and exhibitions.

As an early adopter of Inbound Marketing, François started his own business in 2011 as one of the first HubSpot Partners in Germany. Since then he has noticed that many German companies still underestimate Inbound Marketing and don't fully embrace this methodology. It's because of this that he has found the need to help other businesses get on board.

Francois specializes in Inbound strategy. Building campaigns, landing pages, lead generation tools, and work flows, he strives to help his clients streamline their sales funnel to get higher quality leads that convert into customers.

When he doesn't develop Inbound Marketing strategies or campaigns, he loves to share his knowlege or to acquire a new one.


Hailing from the Boston, USA area, Lydia recently moved to southern Sweden bringing along her company, Natively. She arrived only to discover the enormous startup community growing and thriving in the region around Malmö. So much potential! So much opportunity! But, in reality, not many businesses know, or are at least practicing, Inbound Marketing.

Inbound4Startups is an opportunity for these new and growing businesses to learn and develop the modern-day digital marketing strategies that can help the Skåne region continue to play in the global arena for new tech and entrepreneurship.

Lydia specializes in Content. Helping companies strategize and create relevant, useful collateral that can attract and convert potential customers. Content is becoming an expected and necessary part of a business' web presence and sales aresenal. Not everyone can be an expert in content production, or know what kinds of content will be effective. That's where Lydia can come in and help your business succeed.