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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a comprehensive system to meet the challenges of digitization and individualization.

It is a platform that combines database, web controlling, communication, workflows and CRM synchronization.

This enables you to automate recurring tasks and perform analyses of particularly large and complex data volumes. With marketing automation, you continuously optimize the business processes that are decisive for growth.


"70% of European companies face the problem of too much useless data."


Source: Forrester Consulting, Big Data in Western Europe Today, 2015


The advantages of marketing automation


Address contacts more personally

This involves more than just addressing a mail, set criteria for when and after which action a message should be sent. Track the actions of your visitors, contacts, leads and customers. Evaluate and segment the data. Make the data usable for yourself.



Automate communications tasks

Define a system of who, when and what should receive, based on his behavior and interest. Set times. This also applies to social media, plan in advance and automate reliably and long-term.



Automation accelerates and supports the lead qualification process

From Lead Scoring to Lead Nurturing and High Quality Lead. You have everything in view and can react and select much faster.



Marketing is measurable

All actions are transparent and thus the success is verifiable. Comprehensive reporting is available for this purpose, enabling continuous optimisation of campaigns and processes. The creation of campaigns, e.g. landing pages, is also easy to implement.


Marketing and sales cooperation

The information flow from marketing to sales takes place automatically, with all important information. This creates time and guarantees customer-oriented action.


Competitive advantages

With automation you have the chance to spread your content more effectively and faster to increase your brand awareness.   

"Marketing automation reduces the number of disregarded prospects from 80% to 25%."


Source: Bulldog Solutions

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