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Why Startups need to take advantage of Twitter Chats

Lydia Nicoll

Twitter has gotten a lot of press lately, what with the latest update which introduces a doubled character count, and the United States President and his Twitter fingers. But while some brands may be quick to write off this social media platform, there are still some great ways that Startups can utilize the channel to their advantage. One of the best ways being Twitter chats.

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Elements Of Digital Marketing In Political Communication .... And Why It Is Useful

Manuel Feldmann

The German Bundestag election campaign is in full swing and we see an increased use of digital channels by political institutions. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network profiles are filled with new content. However, these social networks are only a small part of a very wide field of digital marketing. We can also classify  inbound marketing, content marketing, e-mail marketing, viral marketing, search engine marketing and many other subcategories under the term of digital marketing.

Therefore, this article is not intended to explain these aspects in detail, because this would probably finish in a size of a dissertation. It only shows some examples of how to improve political communication by using tools from the digital marketing landscape.

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Topics: Social Media, Communication

Social Media and PR: A Fruitful Connection?

Manuel Feldmann

Social media is on everyone’s lips. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Several millions of users around the globe use the social networks. The benefits are obvious: you can quickly and easily get in contact with people, share your thoughts or create networks with like-minded people.

Social media is also increasingly used in business areas like marketing, sales, customer support and public relations. In recent years, PR has itself undergone a change process. Earlier, it was regarded as a discipline closely linked to journalism. Nowadays, especially in an international perspective, the role of a management discipline is becoming more and more important. It is no longer merely an intermediary to the outside, but also inside, into the company.

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Topics: Social Media, PR

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