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How strong is your website?

Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy with positive experiences for potential customers. By providing relevant and helpful content, you can draw attention to your company. This creates added value and shows competence. Use inbound marketing to achieve your leads in a targeted and casual way.

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Growth-Driven Design (GDD)

How many leads generates your Website?

Your website is your most important tool to generate leads. With "Growth-Driven Design" you have the opportunity to do this in a short time, with less planning and lower costs. How so? Quite simple; short sprints instead of long ones. Do, analyze, change and repeat.

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HubSpot Services

How do you get more out of HubSpot?

We know it and are happy to support you! We have grown with HubSpot, are always up-to-date, have all certifications, manage more than 20 portals daily and know the software by heart. We are specialized in HubSpot CMS and also hold HubSpot training.

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Inbound Methodology with Customer Lifecycle



 The HubSpot Flywheel.

As with inbound marketing, customers first, HubSpot's Flywheel is all about the customer. A company should not only grow, but grow better and systematically. This is done by the company perceiving its existing and potential customers first and foremost as human beings. And you build a relationship with a person, exchange ideas, communicate and interact with each other.

The goal is a growth-oriented company without negative effects on the customer. 

“Organizations that can bring humanity to their interactions with other human beings will thrive.”

- Seth Godin

Our services 


HubSpot CMS Web Design

We implement entire website projects with HubSpot and also design individual templates such as landing pages, thank you pages, blogs and e-mails in your CI, including HubSpot modules for easy content updates.


HubSpot Setup & Implementation 

We make sure that your HubSpot platform is adapted and optimized to your needs. This includes the setup of the software as well as the configuration of your content, social and contact settings.


HubSpot Trainings

We are happy to pass on our HubSpot expertise and train HubSpot users either on site or online via GoToMeeting in German, English or French.


Marketing Automation

With HubSpot we automate unnecessary processes through workflows and bots so that lead nurturing campaigns can run easily and effectively.


Website Audit & Optimization

We take a close look at your website, create on-site SEO and UX improvement proposals that help you achieve your goals.


Conversational Marketing

We shorten your company's sales cycle by using conversation marketing to create a more human buying experience.


Advocate Marketing

We are building a dedicated customer community that will help you win new customers faster and generate more revenue with existing customers.


Content Production

Do you need fresh content for  your website? We write convincing content for blog, social media and inbound marketing  campaigns.

Your website is the anchor of your sales strategy


Website Code

User friendly - A functioning website, particularly mobile, with a clear layout and intuitive navigation. 

Customer centered  - No matter what your ideas are, the result must first and foremost please your user - or rather, your buyer persona. Show how your USP can solve your problem. 

Growth-driven redesigned - Let us start the process... and gradually optimize for more conversion!


“Brandsensations listens, analyses and advises accurately on how to achieve our goals using inbound marketing.” 

Ann Boone, UK
Trustee, Relief from Pain.


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