A crash course in digital marketing DIY

You're an entrepreneur. We are too. So we get that you might want to bootstrap your business and handle marketing yourself. Get the foundation for inbound methodology here. We're not promising to turn you into a guru overnight, but we'll at least give you the comprehensive knowledge base and up-to-date tactics for making informed decisions that can drive your business forward.

The Inbound4Startups course will give you understanding of the marketing tools of today that can allow you to bring your startup into the consumer-driven marketplace.


Our mission

We started Inbound4Startups for pretty much two reasons: to introduce inbound marketing strategy to more new businesses in Europe, and help leaders and entrepreneurs learn how attracting and nurturing customers is the new business model.


What we cover in the course

This course will focus on the key components of planning and creating an effective Inbound strategy.
Specific emphasis will be placed on:

Understanding Inbound Marketing Fundamentals: Students will be able to understand the Inbound Methodology and how it helps businesses attract, convert, close and delight customers.

Creating an effective Inbound Marketing Strategy: Students will be able to create a comprehensive Inbound strategy including:

  • Buyer personas to identify and target ideal leads and customers
  • A conversion path to effectively generate leads
  • A nurturing strategy for turning leads into customers
  • A strategy to delight existing customers to solidify value and create additional growth through evangelism.


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