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What is Inbound Sales?

At Inbound Sales it's about human beings. The customer is accompanied along the purchase process. 

All activities are tailored to the respective buyer persona and are geared to help and support.

A buying experience with only good experiences leaves a satisfied customer, who likes to remember and share his experience with other people.

Overview of our Inbound Lunch

The 4 phases of the inbound sales process


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Inbound Sales

“Humans buy from Humans.”

Give your sales department a human face again.



The lead scoring determines when a lead is passed on to sales.
The task of the salesperson is to check whether everything is correct.
That means in detail to evaluate the existing data, which information was used, how often and in which distances the website was visited.
As well as which personal information is available, and whether the person is ready for a personal contact.



Before you make contact, you should do further research on the Internet.
Visit the website, search for social media: What interests does he have and how and when is he best reached? 
And then make a personalized contact to find out how you can help. This is where you can find out what the level of interest is and whether the time is right. 



The interest is there, now we have to become even more specific. Learn more about the company and also about personal interests on LinkedIn or Xing.
Find similarities with your contact.
Get relevant knowledge about the industry to speak the common language.
Prepare how you can help to have a conversation at eye level.
What is the challenge, what are the goals, what is the schedule and budget?
Very important: Listen!



You have the information and can now start preparing an offer for the next date.
Include options that are specific to the customer's needs.
Then discuss the issues and highlight why your offer is so unique and just right for his or her challenges.
In the end, everything should be right, goals, budget and schedule.
Submit your offer now, considering when the best time to implement is. 
Don't put pressure.

Inbound sales depends on the quality of the leads. 


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"It’s not about having the right opportunities.
It’s about handling the opportunities right."

- Mark Hunter

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